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Welcome to the Peanut Pals Website

Peanut Pals and Website Visitors,

CLUB INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE as well as Facebook Peanut Pals as we will update live at each event.


We encourage anyone wanting to collect and gain knowledge of Mr. Peanut/Planters Peanuts Advertising, Memorabilia and Collectibles to CONTACT US and enjoy the benefits of being a member of Peanut Pals. A 1 year Peanut Pals Membership includes 6 Newsletters, our Membership Directory and more!

As a member of Peanut Pals you will have the benefits of attending our conventions that are held in various locations around the country. You will have access to the largest marketplace of Mr. Peanut/Planters Peanuts items in the world. You can buy and sell at our swap meets, auctions and want ads in the  Peanut Papers newsletter. It also gives you access to our club members who are most knowledgeable about Mr. Peanut and Planters Peanuts history.

Please consider: "JOINING PEANUT PALS"