Photos and Information contributed by Peanut Pal Tony Scola
Posted February 2, 2017

FRENCH AD 1 - This is from December 19, 1940 French-Canadian newspaper and shows the familiar "butler" trolley sign graphics, but the wording is all in French, loosely translated as "Yes, Sir! Planters Salted Peanuts. Golden, delicious, crunchy. Always available fresh in vacuum containers." This is very different than the "Delicious with Cocktails" slogan on the American trolley sign. I am uncertain if there was ever such a thing as a French language trolley sign in Canada, as I have not ever come across one. More likely, Planters took the available trolley car graphics and made a newspaper ad out of it.


NASCAR JACKET - Bright yellow wind breaker type jacket with embroidered breast pocket Planters NASCAR logo. Made by Munsingwear. 1990's. 


BANNER SIGN - This is made of a thin gauzy material, off white with red lettering, says "Planters Fresh! Mixed Nuts." Possibly a store sign.

PLANTERS LIFESAVERS CROSS STITCH PATTERN - Made by Canvas Creations, Hampton, Virginia. Early 1990's.


T SHIRT - From the Chattanooga Tennessee plant, white T shirt features the Planters Lifesavers logo and the motto "Safety First". Early 1990's.
TIE - Recent vintage from the Planters "motivational speaker" ad campaign. Blue tie says at the bottom "That's how you business". There is a yellow peanut pattern on the back (narrow) end of the tie. 100% polyester.

FRENCH AD 2 - This is from a French-Canadian newspaper comics section, and features a color ad about the Mr. Peanut prize contained within the Skuff-Kote shoe polish box which Planters was cross-promoting at that time.


MEN'S LOUNGE PANTS - Cotton sweat pants style. 2000's.


HUSH Y'ALL - Corrugated plastic paddle sign. Measures 24" x 5". This was used to keep crowd silence at Pat Bradley International golf tournaments that Planters sponsored. I have also seen this as a wooden paddle. Late 1980's, early 1990's.

HOLIDAY CARD - This takes first prize for the creepiest Holiday card I have ever seen. Features a large leering clown holding a tiny Christmas tree, wearing an incredibly oversized shirt and bowtie. Inside says "Christmas greetings and all good wishes for the New Year. Planters Peanut Company." Circa 1953.

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